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Job 42:5 I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee.
Job 42:6 Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes.


This month’s theme of Humility has truly been refreshing to my spirit. I must admit, this month’s life events have truly elicited personal character building and spiritual maturity. I lost a very dear loved one to death, other very dear loved ones to sinful circumstances beyond my control and still more loss that is just and pure.


Loss is a part of life. Try as we do to avoid the emotional and physical manifestations of loss, we must have these experiences.


Hopefully they will propel you towards the ever present luster of God’s faithfulness. There, alone in His presence, you will find His Amazing Grace materializing as blindness becomes sight, muteness gives rise to audibility and paralysis yields sensitivity to new strengths and sensations otherwise unknown. GOD IS ABLE……….


Here are some notes by Dr. Barnes on the scriptural reference above. Enjoy, be blessed and continue to stop by ConquerorShots.


RE 42:5 “Referring to the indistinct views which we have of anything by merely hearing of it, compared with the clear apprehension which is furnished by sight. Job had had such views of God as one may obtain by being told of him; he now had such views as are furnished by the sight. The meaning is, that his views of God before were dark and obscure.We are not to suppose that Job means to say that he actually “saw” God, but that his apprehensions of him were clear and bright “as if” he did. There is no evidence that God appeared to Job in any visible form. He is said, indeed, to have spoken from the whirlwind, but no visible manifestation of Yahweh is mentioned.”
RE 42:6 Wherefore I abhor myself: “I see that I am a sinner to be loathed and abhorred. Job, though he did not claim to be perfect, had yet unquestionably been unduly exalted with the conception of his own righteousness, and in the zeal of his argument, and under the excitement of his feelings when reproached by his friends, had indulged in indefensible language respecting his own integrity. 
He now saw the error and folly of this, and desired to take the lowest place of humiliation. Compared with a pure and holy God, he saw that he was utterly vile and loathsome, and was not unwilling now to confess it. ‘And repent.'”
In dust and ashes: “The philosophy of this was – like the custom of wearing “black” for mourning apparel – that the external appearance ought to correspond with the internal emotions, and that deep sorrow would be appropriately expressed by disfiguring the outward aspect as much as possible. The sense here is, that Job meant to give expression to the profoundest and sincerest feelings of penitence for his sins.”
“A correct view of the character and presence of God is adapted to produce humility and penitence.
Such a view of the presence of God will produce what no argument can in causing penitence and humility. 
A good man will be willing to confess that he is vile, when he has any clear views of God. He will be so affected with a sense of the majesty and holiness of his Maker, that he will be overwhelmed with a sense of his own unworthiness.”


In His service,




Beautiful Blogger Award

I am ecstatic that ConquerorShots has a nomination for this award. Thank you Gloria for honoring the ministry’s commitment to share our experience, strength and hope with the blogger community one person at a time. On behalf of my guest bloggers and I, we appreciate you taking the time to follow/read/share and nominate us. 

On a personal note, I am seriously encouraged by this kind gesture. I, too, am a beginner. The past 6 months have served others, worldwide, but I think it has served me greater. I am more aware of the blessings that are possible as we, through blogging, freely give back what God has given to us. I do not seek monetary gain. I only want to create a forum whereby men/women, boys/girls alike can utilize ConquerorShots throughout the course of their day and be inspired to know God more intimately. Hopefully our “Shots” will serve them richly as opposed to the traditional “shot” one can get in a bar.  🙂

An unrealized benefit when I started blogging was the continued blessings I receive from following other blogs including Slowly but surely I am learning to appreciate other blogs just as much as I value the work here at ConquerorShots. Before I started blogging my days were less interesting. Today, I look forward to a blog experience daily. The blogger community ultimately gave me a license to navigate through the world of social networking, message board communities and various other on-line outlets that were once foreign to me. I am better because of it.

The Guidelines:
  • List seven random facts about yourself
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Here are 7 random things about me, the ConquerorShot Maker a.k.a. Darrin, that I hope will bring a smile to your face.

1. Singing is my passion. Teaching/Preaching the Gospel is my life.

2. I am a quiet soul until I am given a forum to speak.

3. Most of my life I spent running from a real relationship with God.

4. Playing Pinochle, Bid Whist, and Poker face to face are loves I will never leave.

5. I know what it feels like to break the heart of a loved one and how it feels to have a broken heart.

6. Therapy has helped me understand my mind but God has provided and secured change in my spirit.

7.  I cook anything I want with ease and it is usually delectable.

7 blogs to consider.

  1. author of this blog graciously, patiently and consistently encouraged me to blog. Thank you Z!)