Darrin7Reverend Darrin D. Payne is the founder of Conqueror Ministries. Click here for more information about me.  I will continue to expose truth that transforms lives from a Biblical perspective. For more about me you can pick up my memoir “A Conqueror In Training.”  My purpose is to help men recover from the storms of life and learn to live the Conqueror Lifestyle. ConquerorShots is an intricate outlet for the development and maintenance of personal Spiritual growth.

Now you can stop by 24/7/365 and consume a spiritual shot of truth. You can read the current post or browse our archives by category and choose your “shot” for the day.  Get drunk in the spirit as you surf the categories for your spiritual taste bud fulfillment. ConquerorShots are created with the sole purpose of fueling the soul with truth that transforms us from within. They will satisfy your spiritually/mentally/emotionally/physically too!

Thank you for stopping by.

Stay in the race!

Rev. D

3 thoughts on “The Conquerorshot Maker

  1. Praying for peace for you and all of the family impacted by your Aunt’s illness. May His powerful presence surround you all and may His comfort hold your hands and hearts for the remainder of her days… God bless.

    1. Thanks Shannon. Your prayers were truly felt this past weekend. Amazingly, God has demonstrated His power in preserving her life. I talked to her yesterday on the phone. She is weak but her spirit is strong. God bless you my sister. Your encouragement and consideration is DEEPLY appreciated by me and my family.
      In His love,

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