Shot glass
Get your spiritual shot 4 the day

An arduous day lands you before an assortment of “spirits” for an instant “pick-me-up”. The bar becomes the blog. ConquerorShots serve spiritual “pick-me-ups”anywhere, anytime.

 Just choose the shot you are in need of!

It’s simple. Choose what type of shot you need & select from the assortment of categorized entries. 

Conquerorshots empower you from within.

Scripture with life application.

 Refuel your spiritual arsenal. 

Have as many shots as you need!

8 thoughts on “How ConquerorShots Work

  1. debrau54: Hi nephew, I want you to know that I am praising the Lord for how He is using you to not only try to encourage and uplift all the dear people who may just surf this blog, but most importantly, you are trying ( with the help of the Lord) to equip those who read and digest these Biblical teachings. Keep trusting and doing what you are compelled to do. I love you and am praying for you that the Lord will keep you covered with His Strength……………

    1. Thank you Uncle Junior. I am encouraged to continue on the journey God has led me to. We will continue to expose Real Truth – it is what matters most. I appreciate your support.
      In His love,

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