This issue of UNCERTAINTY has come up in varying conversations this week. It continues to be a condition souls from all walks of life are having difficulty with. The most obvious difficulty I continue to realize during the talks is in recognizing how UNCERTAINTY is an OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD STRONG FAITH. This article was published last year at this time and God reminded me of it last night.
Gracious Eternal Heavenly Father, I pray that this truth will anchor in the souls of your children and that they too will realize how EFFICIENT your grace is as they recognize their indwelling potential to live a Conqueror Lifestyle daily. In Christ Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN.


Take a moment and step into yesterday’s happenings and get a bird’s eye view of how my faith muscles got a good workout on life’s bench press of uncertainty. I must admit I never understood the benefits of a series of events that are designed to “work out” my faith like this.

In the past, when uncertainty presented itself during the course of a day, I would allow it to rob me of any peace that was present. Uncertainty has the ability to get us all caught up in hypotheticals, ego, pride, fear, shame, guilt, and most of all ANXIETY. I am so glad to have Philippians 4 as a source of encouragement to fuel my spirit. It is one of many gold mines throughout the Pauline epistles that NEVER dries up.

I pulled up into the church parking lot that was almost empty at the height of the early morning…

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