Uncertainty: Faith’s Bench Press

The Age of Uncertainty
How much faith are you benching?

Take a moment and step into yesterday’s happenings and get a bird’s eye view of how my faith muscles got a good workout on life’s bench press of uncertainty. I must admit I never understood the benefits of a series of events that are designed to “work out” my faith like this.

In the past, when uncertainty presented itself during the course of a day, I would allow it to rob me of any peace that was present. Uncertainty has the ability to get us all caught up in hypotheticals, ego, pride, fear, shame, guilt, and most of all ANXIETY. I am so glad to have Philippians 4 as a source of encouragement to fuel my spirit. It is one of many gold mines throughout the Pauline epistles that NEVER dries up.

I pulled up into the church parking lot that was almost empty at the height of the early morning service. STRANGE! While walking up to the entryway a friend informed me of the power outage secondary to a car accident. The first service was cancelled. Inside, several saints, including our beloved Pastor, were housed throughout the vestibule. There was a hint of light from the 12′ high windows above that filled that powerless dwelling place. Also present was an unspoken uncertainty filling the air as we engaged each other. Although we were in an unexpected situation, fueled by uncertainty about the future, being there was somehow a heavenly experience. We laughed, had fellowship and collectively affirmed our faith in God‘s power to rectify the matter. After 45 minutes the power was restored. I thought nothing of the wait time.

Church began and we experienced a heavenly service from the devotions, to the praise team, to the choir and most of all the pulpit. Our Pastor preached a sermon tailor-made for me once again. Church ended.  Here is where uncertainty grabbed a hold on me for the next 5 hours. My phone’s home button had stopped working causing routine operations to become tedious. I tried to avoid an unhealthy reliance on the smart phone but to no avail obviously.  I had to go to a store for it to be fixed. I was also very hungry. Furthermore, my GPS was not working properly and I had to trust God rather than the machine to get me there. He did.

The young man at the phone store took my phone and proceeded to troubleshoot the issue. He dialed the tech support team for assistance and took my phone to work on it. I sat and waited patiently while my hunger was increasing. I was in the store for nearly 45 minutes before I got the phone back. I immediately went home and ate a bowl of cereal. I picked up the phone to make an important call that was scheduled and to my surprise the files that contained the call stats and contact info were gone along with SEVERAL other files of HIGH IMPORTANCE.  UNCERTAINTY WAS IN FULL EFFECT.  I will state the obvious – the young man did a factory reset and did not back up my files. They are gone for good.  My immediate response – OK God what are you up to? 

I could have become livid over this. In times past that would be my natural response. Not yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I did loose my cool on one occasion and even feel some expletives surfacing. I was forced to make numerous calls to handle the issues. The more calls I made the more anger I felt. Furthermore, the uncertainty about the data I lost – and how others and myself would be affected – was trying its best to fuel anxiety, fear, etc.  Yet I continued to look up to my ceiling and say “Ok God, what are you up to?” I continued to acknowledge Him in the midst of the uncertainty. I was on the bench press doing faith reps.

At one point when a four letter word surfaced I had to get down on my knees and pray. I poured out my frustrations and all my feelings to the Lord. It was time to “get low & get real” with God. “Father, I need you to give me peace. I believe that you are working all things out for my good, help me see your goodness in this……..” was a key request in that prayer. I had no idea what was about to happen next. 

I had discovered my Bluetooth was not working and I did all I could to pair the devices. I needed to call in yet again. I was soooo regretting having to call in again. But I did. Amazingly, I got a tech support agent almost immediately. That interaction was the beginning of my breakthrough. The dynamics of the call are consistent with me having the opportunity to share my experience and God’s constant presence throughout my day. It became apparent that uncertainty was fueling my experiences but God was “holding His position.” My direct response to all things uncertain was a continued FAITH in His will. We talked and shared our faith. I forgot all about the issue with the phone as I was able to praise the Lord during the call.  It was in the praise that I received my answer to my request for seeing the goodness of the Lord. The agent gave me specific information to get the blue tooth going and I got a credit on my account that covered my next bill payment. This was a need I presented to the Lord last week in prayer.

Ultimately yesterday’s uncertainty made me have to do steady reps of faith in God’s will yesterday. The more I acknowledged my need for Him the better I responded to all that was going on that I was not sure of. I often want to know the “why” and have the right responses to a situation. It seems that God has given me that desire for sure. This bench press – uncertainty – makes me lie down on the presence of God’s will, accept my inability to have all the answers, and practice faith in El Elyon. Lifting up faith in Him is the workout. “Tis SO SWEET TO TRUST IN JESUS. He is an on time God, yes He is.


One thought on “Uncertainty: Faith’s Bench Press

  1. Reblogged this on ConquerorShots and commented:

    This issue of UNCERTAINTY has come up in varying conversations this week. It continues to be a condition souls from all walks of life are having difficulty with. The most obvious difficulty I continue to realize during the talks is in recognizing how UNCERTAINTY is an OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD STRONG FAITH. This article was published last year at this time and God reminded me of it last night.
    Gracious Eternal Heavenly Father, I pray that this truth will anchor in the souls of your children and that they too will realize how EFFICIENT your grace is as they recognize their indwelling potential to live a Conqueror Lifestyle daily. In Christ Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN.

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