I Want What I Have

There are so many things that I can think of that I want – a new car, a new condo, all of my bills paid in full, restored relationships, new relationships……….. – and if I were to give these “wants” too much attention I can easily get distracted from my reality.  Distractions are designed to create confusion in my life. Can you think of a time when your focus was re-directed because of a distraction?

They come in all forms – personal, professional, social, and most of all spiritual.  Distractions can be subtle too.  Especially in the area of my personal and professional lives, I can recall on numerous occasion where I was engaged in situations that were purposefully designed to distract me from what was important.  At the point when I realized the distraction, the affects were already in place.  I know I am not the only one with this experience. Am I?

So I have come to realize on the Eve of this Christmas day in 2011 that the best way to avoid the pitfalls of distractions is to want what I have.  That implies a personal understanding of my assets and my liabilities.  Overall, an assessment yields the results of personal reconciliation between the two and I am in a balanced relationship with my life and the Creator of my life.  

Now does this mean that I do not want to work towards improvement? God forbid.  If I am not realizing change in my life that means that my life is non-existent.  You know you are living, and how you are living by recognizing the changes that are at work in you.  Other people are watching and God is watching. Therefore, you should be the spectator in the first row, in the center aisle occupying the center seat. Next to God, you should have the best seat in the house.

Consider the obvious. The climate of the environment dictates the season of the environment. Climates change and seasons change. Imagine if you woke up to the same climate every day for a year.  All of my East Coasts readers may actually like that after dealing with cold winters over a course of time. But the point is life would be mundane if every day was the same climate and the same season. The changes in the environment offer us new outlooks, new insights, new experiences……..  This is why I would not be content living in Aruba. It is a beautiful island but I would get bored with the same climate day after day… I think!

God is the author and finisher of our faith in Him.  No change is possible without His intervention.  For anyone who is struggling with the concept of God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the evidence of His Power is in the identity of the source of all change.  He is Sovereign over all and that includes my wants.  Through Him I have an awareness of all my needs being in place.  THAT IS A BLESSING IN ITSELF. I can get entangled in the “rat race” working feverishly towards attaining my wants and allow all of the distractions along the way to make me miss out on all of the peace, joy, love, hope and assurance that comes with being thankful for what I have.  I don’t choose that path today. Instead I will be content and just “WANT WHAT I HAVE.” 

The song “Safe In His Arms” reminds me “Because the Lord is my shepherd I have everything I need”

Merry Christmas

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