Donnie McClurkin penned a song “We Fall Down but We Get Up” years ago. You, somewhere in your lifetime, have fallen.Witness, identify and emulate what an ACT OF COURAGE does for you and the next person. Read the post please, then review the movie. This is time WELL invested! Stay blessed.

Thank you Cara Olsen for sharing your gift and your heart with ConquerorShots today.

God bless you Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, for recommending the post. 

This Little Light

We are a people easily inspired.

Should we be in the mood for something to encourage or uplift, it seems we need not exert ourselves beyond the click of a button. Pictures, music, clothing, food — it’s all there for our immediate access. In youth, inspiration is somewhat of a capacious, ethereal thing; it changes and morphs as rapidly as we do. Chance encounters, unfortunate circumstances, a generous accolade, a supportive parent — these experiences mold, shape, and respectively define what we consider to be inspirational.

What I find exceptionally grand is how, such as a match beneath brush, inspiration can ignite us, propel us upward and onward, all toward something that was otherwise not thought possible or attainable. Haven’t we all seen how even the unlikeliest of candidates found his or or her way after being “inspired” by a person, place, moment or thing. Truth be told  — and this…

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    1. Thanks for following ConquerorShots. I know God is up to great things. Nick’s service to us all is the work of our Lord God Almighty. His message personifies a conqueror lifestyle in action. To God be the glory.

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